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Alan W. McDonald

Alan W. McDonald


Alan W. McDonald was born in Heber City, Utah on October 2, 1955.  His mother, Mary Jane and his Father Wayne came from very humble origins and never graduated from college.  However, they created and nurtured a very successful business together.  Alan worked as an apprentice cabinet-maker under the tutelage of his father. With many years of dedication and hard work he developed the skills necessary to begin his career as a master Cabinet-maker. 


After graduating from Wasatch High School, Alan faithfully served a two-year LDS mission to Scotland.  He attended college at Weber State University and Brigham Young University, where he studied business and architecture. During his schooling at BYU, his father presented Alan with the opportunity to buy McDonald Cabinet Company, the family business.  Alan took this offer and McDonald Cabinet is now successfully entering into its 63rd year of business.  In 1996 Alan opened another private business by starting his own Insurance Agency.  These experiences have given Alan a great understanding of how to successfully run and manage a business in the private sector.


Alan met his lovely wife Carolyn at BYU when they were both attending school there. They were married in August of 1979 and have remained happily married for 32 years. Alan and Carolyn were blessed with 3 daughters and one son, who are the center of their lives.  Like all families, they have gone through the rewards and the challenges that life offers.


Alan is not a career politician and would like to see term limits placed on city public officials. He is an entrepreneur and has been working for over 34 years of his life in the private sector, giving him intimate knowledge of how our economy works, as well as an understanding of how important the private sector is to the growth of the city.  He also understands what government should not be, and actively promotes the return of government to its proper constitutional levels and limits.


Alan has been actively performing a thorough and comprehensive risk management audit for the city which is essential to the implementation of an effective risk management program for the city.  While this process can be time-consuming, Alan feels it is vital and must be part of the city’s internal control procedures.  During his time on the city council, Councilman McDonald has been a strong advocate for sound monetary policies and has been outspoken against issues that have brought liabilities against the city. He seeks to protect the best interest of the community and citizens of Heber City.


Heber City is faced with exceptional challenges as we start into the 21st century.  Councilman McDonald is a true conservative, as confirmed not only by his words, but his political record on the city council. He has been very conservative with the use of taxpayers’ money by voting no on proposed Tax and Fee increases.  He is an advocate for freedom in our nation as a whole as well as in individual communities. The integrity he demonstrates in all aspects of his life, both personal and private, clearly shows that his morals and principals will never be compromised.  The strong leadership abilities and work ethic that Alan McDonald has demonstrated throughout his life continue in these perilous economic times as he works to restore and revitalize our community by strengthening individual homes and businesses through the promotion of sound city policies.

  email: amcdonald@ci.heber.ut.us