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Tree Advisory Board

´╗┐2010 Arbor Day Celebration

Photo of 2010 Arbor Day CelebrationHeber City was recognized as a Tree City USA for 2010. To receive the award, Heber City needed to do 4 things,

  1. establish a tree board;
  2. adopt a tree ordinance;
  3. expend at least $2 per capita on a community forestry program; and
  4. observe Arbor Day.

The Planning Commission serves as the Tree Board, and the Planning Commission established a Tree Advisory Board to assist with the duties of the tree board in administering the city's tree ordinance. Currently, five volunteers serve on the Tree Advisory Board, including Carl Berg, John Sulser, Michelle Mounteer, Larry Fagot, and Shirl McMayon.


Downtown Trees

Photo of Downtown TreesProperty owners are generally responsible to plant and maintain trees and plants in the planter strips along city streets. However, the city does maintain the trees within the downtown area, city parks, and the cemetery. Heber Light and Power prunes trees in the valley near power lines.








2011 Arbor Day Celebration

Photo from 2011 Arbor Day CelebrationThe tree ordinance specifies which trees can be planted in the street right of ways in the planter strips and where they can be planted in relation to street signs and utilities. For planting on private property, the Small Trees Booklet provides tree species which can fit in small spaces, and 16 Uncommon Trees provides tree species which aren't planted often in Utah. Heber Valley is generally considered a Zone 3 or 4 for hardiness in determining which plants or trees will grow in the Valley. Planting Landscape Trees and Selecting and Planting Landscape Trees provides additional planting information. Pruning Trees provides information on how to properly prune trees. Tree Utah has provided A Plan for Heber City's Trees which inventories what we have, explores what we want and how to get what we want in terms of residential yard trees and trees in public places.

The Links on this page provide additional information on tree planting and maintenance tips, species, and general tree information. You may call the Planning Office at 435-654-4830 for additional information.