Heber Valley Community Garden


Welcome to the 2014 gardening season. The Heber Valley Community Garden is a true example of a public partnership and volunteer organization. Heber City has donated land for the garden, and gardeners and volunteers ensure that the garden is viable and a place people will gather, in common interest to grow local produce, flowers and friendships.

Growing Conditions

Heber Valley is a wonderful place to garden. A wide variety of vegetables and flowers do well in our climate. Although a high mountain valley, our conditions are often hot, dry and sunny in the day with cooler conditions at night. When you first plant your seeds, plan to spend more time in the garden watering to ensure plant growth. As the plants mature, you will have to water less frequently. As your garden grows however, it is your responsibility to control the weeds and trash in your general area.


Heber Valley Community Garden is run by volunteers. The purpose of our community gardening program is to provide space and access to land and water for cultivation purposes. The care and maintenance of the greater garden is the collective responsibility of the community gardeners. Your participation is what will make the garden a success.

Beds & Boxes

The general garden area is well defined with 16 raised garden beds and walkways topped with natural materials. Garden boxes have been spring tilled to loosen the soil. Any further loosening of soil or plot improvements is your responsibility. We ask that you be conservative in the use of non-organic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. New this year, four boxes that will be planted with flowers and herbs. Your help in keeping these boxes weed-free is appreciated.

Spring Clean Workday

Our garden came through the winder in great shape. We ask that you join us on a spring clean workday in the garden the first or second Saturday in May. Some general garden maintenance and weeding will take place. This may be a good day to plant peas and lettuce, cooler season veggies.


Our community gardens policies and procedures are important for you to understand. To reserve a plot or if you have any questions about this information, please call Michelle at 435-654-0757 or Annie at 435-901-1974.

Garden address is 820 North 1000 East (north and east of the city cemetery at the northeast corner of William Bond Lane) in Heber City.